The construction of the Wenzhong No. 2 School Building in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County will be contracted out this year, and new students are expected to be recruited in August next year.

(Photo by reporter Liao Xueru)

[Reporter Liao Xueru/Hsinchu Report] The new construction of Wenzhong No. 2 School Building in Zhubei City, Hsinchu County will be contracted this year, and it is expected to enroll new students in August next year. The County Education Bureau commissioned a team of experts to redesign the school district. Some parents in Dongping and Aikou in the local area believe that their rights and interests have been damaged. , is initiating a joint petition to propose dual school districts during the transition period, or a buffer period of three years should be given to maintain the original school district before the school building is completed and accepted, and students should not be forced to attend classes on the construction site!

In this regard, the Education Bureau is expected to hold a briefing at the county government on April 7.

The Education Bureau held a briefing on April 7

According to the Bureau of Education, the 113th school year coincides with the year of the dragon entering junior high schools. According to household registration statistics, the number of new junior high school students in Zhubei area increased by about 60% compared with the 111th school year. Among them, Dongxing Junior High School may have 300 more freshmen than the quota, so the county government is actively building a new Wenzhong No. 2 school building.

The Bureau of Education aims to enroll students in the nearest school, and secondly considers the capacity of the school. Based on the principle of a single school district and the number of future school population, the Education Bureau commissioned a team of experts to design the school district. The draft has now been announced on the official website.

Parents complained that in the early days, Dongxing Junior High School was set up in the Dongxing Junior High School District for many years in order to facilitate their children's education, and they did not dare to move out even if they changed houses. Now Wenzhong Er is divided into school districts before construction begins, causing damage to the rights and interests of residents. The practice does not conform to the principle of fairness and justice.

The public criticized that the number of newborns can be fully controlled by the civil affairs system, but the Zhuxian government did not start building schools until the newborns grew up to the elementary and middle school stages, and there were repeated embarrassments for students to attend classes on the construction site, lacking complete use of space such as gymnasiums, Playgrounds, etc., completely despise students' right to education and basic human rights.