The main propagandist of the Kremlin, Volodymyr Solovyov, is again threatening Europe, in particular, Poland.

In a fit of hysteria, he declared that Russia would "destroy all Polish cities with rockets" without hesitation. 

He stated this during his propaganda show, the video with his threats is distributed by Telegram channels.

Solovyov cynically says that

Russia still feels sorry for the Ukrainians, but that will not be the case with the Poles


He is sure that Russia, which cannot take Bakhmut for a year, "will destroy all Polish cities with rockets at once, without using ground troops for this." 

"If we don't smash the faces of the Europeans once again, they won't understand anything. But this time we won't leave Europe. This time we won't negotiate or make peace with them. Do the Poles want to be next? They are not Ukrainians, we will not join them treat us like brothers. We naf*g will destroy all the cities with missiles at once, without using ground troops for this. It is we who spare Ukraine, and here we will fight like the Americans in Iraq. With nuclear strikes, not sure, but with air strikes

or with rockets,

I'm sure we'll destroy everything. And we won't even think twice," he declared.

We will remind you that a propagandist almost died in Solovyov's studio live.

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