The Russians began to use amphibious assault more and more actively during the battles in Bakhmut.

Despite the fact that landing forces are not usually used in street battles, the Russians are forced to do so due to a lack of personnel.

Military and political commentator Oleksandr Kovalenko said in an interview with Channel 24 what this could indicate and how effective the "Wagnero-substitution" tactic is.

"The Wagnerites have always been used as meat. Especially when they started using the recruitment of convicts, it was generally a kind of conveyor of these living waves. But today, due to the fact that Yevhen Prigozhin has no way to compensate for the losses of convicts among his units, they a problem arises — the number of mercenary volunteers who are being recruited into the "Wagner" PMC is not enough to compensate for the losses in the units and restore the combat capability of each unit in a timely manner," Kovalenko explained.

According to the expert, after the beginning of the urban battles in Bakhmut, the "Wagner" PMK have serious losses, which affect their combat capability.

"Gradually, we are beginning to see airborne troops in the city, which fill the "white spots" of Russian mercenaries from the "Wagner" PMC, where they banally cannot carry out assault actions and other actions already directly in urban conditions. Although this is not professional, because the airborne troops are not can be used precisely in the format of conducting combat operations in the city. This is not their functionality. But in Bakhmut, in the northern and southern locations, units from the 51st and 137th Parachute Regiments from the 106th Parachute Division are beginning to appear , as well as the reserve 98th Airborne Division," the expert said.

Kovalenko emphasized that the landing force, which was previously used in field conditions, was brought to the city without the appropriate experience.

In addition, these units themselves consist mainly of non-professional military personnel, most often newly mobilized Russians.

"That is, first of all, they do not have enough experience as airborne troops, and secondly, they also do not have enough experience to conduct hostilities in the city. The Russian occupying forces continue to use their resources," the expert emphasized.

We will remind, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of Forces, Serhiy Cherevaty, previously said that the "Wagner" PVK, due to heavy losses, is being reinforced by the regular troops of the Russian Federation: first of all, paratroopers.

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