[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] The DPP’s Taichung City Sixth Legislative District (Central West Southeast District) completed registration last week, and the three candidates have already started their operations. Member Jiang Zhaoguo, a member of the National Assembly, and Chen Yahui, a member of the British Department, stood at the intersection Calling for votes, Councilor Huang Shouda of the New Trends Department is ducking in the water and working hard at the grassroots. He Kunlin, the son of former city councilor He Mincheng, held a press conference to announce his candidacy yesterday, accompanied by He Jiaban.

In this constituency, the Democratic Progressive Party has members Jiang Zhaoguo, Huang Shouda and Ho Chunmu Cultural and Educational Foundation Executive Director He Kunlin registered. Accompanied by former legislator Ho Min-ho and former new legislator Li Mingxian, he held a press conference on "Brave in Commitment" to actively seek the party's nomination.

Councilor Jiang Zhaoguo, accompanied by his party's southeast district councilor Chen Yahui, stood at the intersection of Zhongshi Fuxing Road and Taichung Road at 8 o'clock yesterday morning to ask for votes. It was like entering a formal election campaign. Councilor Huang Shouda also had a full schedule and continued to go to the grassroots , Visit local gentry.