Readers, please be spicy!!

Happy Birthday Mini Party (21 March) at Madam Pang's House

"Father Phothipong" invites "Mother Yupa" to grab the microphone to sing a duet that the host reviews about when Father "flirted" with her mother for the first time. 

That is, send a record of this song, the title of the song "Time of Love" to listen to –—the lyrics are.....

In the morning, I'm looking for you.

In the late morning, I'm looking for you. In

the afternoon, I'm confused. I arrive at Kanda.

In the evening, I don't see your face. I'm terrified.

This evening, I will have someone by my side.

Cold and dew. Make my mind worry.

Brother is cold. Brother is cold. Sleep is broken

. Oh bush. Don't make me wait until morning.


"Madam Pang" was born because of "this song" 100%??


"Mr. Lee"