A "black mark" appeared again in the sky over Moscow.

Recently, it was noticed for the first time by residents of the capital's sleeping areas.

They write about it in Russian Telegram channels.

As noted, residents of several settlements in the Moscow region saw a black ring in the air.

The day before, he was seen in the village of Tymokhovo. 

It is interesting that Russian meteorologists found an explanation for the strange phenomenon.

They believe that

the cause of the "black mark" in the air was the exhaust


"Probably, there was an exhaust from the boiler room in Strogin.

Perhaps soot has collected somewhere, or something was thrown sharply into the fire, where something is being burned.

From the sudden ignition of cotton, there is a sharp emission of smoke, and it is usually so round," said a local meteorologist.

In addition, according to the usual scheme, the Russian Federation declared that "such a ring

does not pose any threat and there is no need to worry


We will remind that on Monday, March 27, Moscow residents heard an explosion, after which they saw a black smoke ring in the sky that was moving.

It scared them quite a bit.

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