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No clear winner of the election at this point - this is the forecast of the sociologists from "Market LINKS" in their latest national survey commissioned by BTV.

The data show that 23.7% of the voters support the "Continuing the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" coalition.

GERB-SDS are second with a result of 22.3% of the voters.

The difference between the two leading formations is only 1.4 percentage points.

According to the survey, DPS with 13.6% and "Vazrazhdane" with 11.4% have seats in the 49th National Assembly.

Analysts comment on the election campaign and do they expect surprises in the vote on April 2

The BSP is shaping up to be fifth in the vote - the last party to jump the barrier to enter the National Assembly.

She receives 7.3% support from those polled.

The "Left" coalition receives 3.2% support, "There is such a people" - 2.3%, and "Bulgarian Rise" - 2.1%.

This is a national survey, financed and implemented jointly by bTV and "Market LINKS", conducted among 1014 persons over 18 years of age throughout the country, in the period March 21-27 using the methods of direct personal interview and online survey.


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