Oleksiy Danilov, the Secretary of the NSDC, denied information that the commander of the battalion of the 46th brigade, Anatoliy, with the call sign "Kupol", was removed from his post after an interview with The Washington Post.

Danilov said this on the air of Radio NV.

"This is a complete lie. No one demoted Kupol in rank. There is no need to spread what is not true. Colonel Kupol said that it is necessary to prepare the military more thoroughly before they appear at the front. For him today given such an opportunity. (...) No one removed him from the army, did not demote him in rank. He is currently engaged in training our boys so that they have the opportunity to resist our enemy," Danilov said.

We will remind, according to "Kupola", what got into the article of The Washington Post is only a part of what he said during the interview.

Anatoly Kozel "Kupol" said that the content of the interview with The Washington Post turned out to be completely different in content than what the combatant wanted to convey to people.

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