[Reporter Chen Guanbei/Changhua Report] A two-year-old boy surnamed Wang in Changhua suffered from vomiting and diarrhea, and was diagnosed with norovirus after seeking medical attention. The 20-year-old daughter also started to vomit, and the whole family was infected.

Ma Ruishan, director of the Pediatrics Department of Changhua Hospital of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, said that when cleaning the vomit and excrement of noro patients, masks and gloves must be worn properly, because norovirus is mainly transmitted by "fecal-oral infection". May be infected.

Doctor: wash your hands frequently to avoid contact with infection

Ma Ruishan said that it is preliminarily judged that Wang Tong's parents may have been exposed to the virus when they helped change diapers or clean up vomit, and they did not wash their hands properly, which in turn caused infection in the whole family. Therefore, they must be worn when cleaning vomit and excrement. Masks, gloves, especially gloves are more important than masks to avoid the possibility of infection due to contact.

Alcohol is not everything!

Ma Ruishan said that the structure of norovirus is different from that of the new coronavirus, which has a lipid envelope and is less sensitive to alcohol. It cannot be completely eliminated by using alcohol or dry hand washing.

Ma Ruishan suggested that as long as one person in the family is infected with norovirus, the home environment should be disinfected with diluted bleach immediately. In addition, when cleaning up the patient's vomit and excrement, it is necessary to wash hands with soap or wear gloves, so as to reduce the risk of infection in the whole family. risk.