Mykhailo Podolyak,

adviser to the head of the President's Office

, emphasized that from a rational point of view, the optimal scenario for Ukraine is a total loss of Russia in the war and the overthrow of the current Russian statehood.

However, he analyzed what may change in the Russian Federation with the coming to power of the "successor" of Vladimir Putin.  

He told about this in an interview with UNIAN.

"Inter-elite clashes will begin there, a spontaneous revolution will take place, and all this elite will be purged in one way or another. Russia will experience a whole series of cascading revolutions, riots, until it forms some weak semblance of democracy. A total military defeat would really lead to a tectonic change in the political architecture Russia. From an emotional point of view, any option in which Russia literally withdraws its troops voluntarily tomorrow and goes to the borders of 1991 is acceptable to us, because it drastically minimizes our losses. After all, war is about sacrifices, and from our side, in including," he explained.

According to Podoliak, any scenario is acceptable for Ukraine.

Any of these schedules will lead to the fact that the current elite will not exist in this form - as soon as the war ends on the borders of 1991, the process of renewal will begin inside Russia.

The adviser to the head of the President's Office also noted that the "new elite" in Russia will extradite some of the war criminals, namely the high-ranking perpetrators, the authors of the war, to restore their positions on the global market.

"Part of these authors will simply disappear, either physically as part of internal conflicts, so that there are fewer witnesses; or they will be able to evaporate somewhere, changing their appearance, documents. Further, the same Russia will sign certain economic programs for the recovery of Ukraine, the same recreational payments scheduled for a certain period of time. And, of course, we will raise issues related to the zone of both cross-border demilitarization and the demilitarization of Russia in general, because it is impossible to have a country in the region that has such chauvinistic aggressive attitudes," he said.

Mykhailo Podolyak also noted that it will be necessary to raise the issue that for Russia, sole control over its own nuclear arsenal is a very dangerous story, because today Russia uses the topic of nuclear blackmail as its only remaining argument.

Who can replace the dictator Putin: opinions of experts

Hristo Grozev, the head of the independent international intelligence community Bellingcat, believes that

the next leader of Russia will be opposition leader Oleksiy Navalny


Despite the fact that at first the Kremlin elites considered the candidacy of the current Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Mykhailo Mishustin.

British military analyst Michael Clark said that

Putin will be removed from power by his inner circle, there will be no popular uprising.

Political scientist Jason Jay Smart believes that Yevgeny

Prigozhin, head of the "Wagner" PMC, can stage a coup d'état in Russia and take power from President Vladimir Putin. 

The GUR of Ukraine noted that after the decision of the International Criminal Court to issue a warrant for the arrest of Russian President Putin, the mood in the Kremlin became more gloomy.

Now they are already

looking for a successor to the Russian dictator, but Putin himself is no longer participating in this.

Valery Klochok, head of the Center for Public Analytics "Vezh", believes that

the current Prime Minister Mykhailo Mishustin will come to power after Vladimir Putin.

Former Deputy Head of the SBU Viktor Yagun believes that

one of the real candidates for the role of the new head of the Kremlin is the Minister of Agriculture Dmytro Patrushev

- the son of Putin's closest ally, the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Mykola Patrushev.

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