The breakfast shop in Kaohsiung protested to drive up the egg price. An anonymous egg merchant complained, revealing that the reason for the increase in egg price was at the source, especially the "central egg farmers".

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[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] Dozens of breakfast restaurant operators in Kaohsiung have voiced their voices, calling out egg farmers and egg merchants to drive up egg prices, planning to launch a "refusal" egg campaign in conjunction with the entire Taiwanese industry; anonymous egg merchants in Kaohsiung have complained, revealing that the reason for the rise in egg prices is at the source , Especially the "Central Egg Farmer"!

Egg merchants also agree with the breakfast industry's action to reject eggs, and suggest that the public should eat less eggs in the near future.

The anonymous egg merchant explained that the eggs of the egg merchants all come from the egg farmers, and the eggs have a shelf life, so it is impossible to hoard eggs, and the egg farmers do not sell them, so the egg merchants naturally have no eggs to sell.

The egg merchant further pointed out that eggs are really out of stock recently. The reason is bird flu, and many chicken farms have instantly reduced production, resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand. problems, especially the egg farmers in the central part of Taiwan, the largest producer of eggs.

Egg merchants said that they can understand the situation of breakfast shop operators, but the problem is not really with egg merchants. Egg merchants receive high-priced eggs from egg farmers, and their own management and sales costs have to be added, so breakfast shops will be under pressure; Stores launched a campaign to reject eggs, and egg merchants also suggested that the public should eat less eggs in the near future, which may help stabilize egg prices.