The prosecutor's office will appeal the verdict in the case of the rape of a 14-year-old girl in Transcarpathia, the Prosecutor General's Office announced today.

This is a crime committed in August 2021, when three teenagers lured a girl into a house and raped her, but escaped punishment.

Already after the court's decision, the case gained public resonance, and only then were the startling facts revealed, TSN reports. 

The offended girl has had to go through a lot in the past two years.

"(Punishment - ed.) to the maximum.

I insisted on this from the very beginning, when the investigation was underway, and until the very end - my words are recorded in the verdict.

Maximum punishment.

It turned out that she (the judge - editor) acquitted them.

A two-year suspended sentence is not a term for violent actions by a group of persons against a minor," says the

child's father

The girl says that for a long time she was afraid to tell about what was done to her, because the perpetrators intimidated her.

What's more, when the case came to court, they freely walked around the village and mocked her, the girl says.

"They spent three months in the SIZO.

Then they came and were at first with bracelets, and then, when the war started, they took off the bracelets and took them for themselves - they walked everywhere on the street and went to the store.

I was walking down the street and they started shouting at me in all kinds of ways, motherly," the girl says.

The prosecutor's office announced the appeal only after public publicity and outrage.

The judge, who actually released the teenagers from serving their sentence, has now gone on sick leave.

Comments are also avoided at school, although there they issued a positive description of the defendants.

Residents of the village, in front of whose eyes this story unfolded, avoid any comments. 

However, the local priest talks about the accused teenagers.

"The boys were unbalanced in their attitude towards others.

They drank, smoked, got drunk.

Until the evening, they had parties, there was loud music," says the abbot of the village church. 

Another interesting detail is that the mother of the two accused teenagers is an employee of the local village council.

It was the representatives of the village council, among others, who testified in court.

So now lawyers are studying whether this could have influenced the verdict. 

We will remind you that three teenagers from the same village raped her a year and a half ago and filmed everything and posted it on the Internet.

The case was considered by the Volovetsky District Court.

During the review, the article "rape" was changed to a milder one. 

On March 16 of this year, the court sentenced the teenagers only to the payment of compensation and 5 years in prison, but immediately released them from serving the sentence with a probationary period. 

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