A musician from The Hague, who became the biological father of 550 children, will appear in court.

The Donorkind Foundation in the Netherlands wants to ban 41-year-old Jonathan Meyer from donating sperm.

According to news.yahoo.com, all this is against the background of accusations that his fertile donation increases the risk of accidental incest.

The foundation also accuses the man of lying about the number of children he has.

Yes, sperm clinic rules state that donors can have a maximum of 25 children to prevent inbreeding, incest or psychological problems in children.

Photo: news.yahoo.com

Donorkind wants all of Jonathan's sperm in storage to be destroyed unless it is destined for a woman who already has a child with him.

In particular, one woman said that if she had known that Meyer had already fathered more than 100 children, she would never have chosen him: "When I think about the consequences that could happen to my child, it makes me sick."

According to representatives of the foundation, the man is already on the black list of Dutch donors.

However, he continues to make donations abroad, including to Denmark and Ukraine.

He sometimes uses the pseudonym Ruud.

It will be recalled that a Cambodian builder built his house in the shape of a private plane.

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