Yunlin County Mayor Zhang Lishan (3rd from right in the front row), Liao Jinfu (middle), director general of the Xiluo Town Farmers Association, and others demonstrated various cabbage cooking methods today, calling on everyone to eat more cabbage.

(Photo by reporter Huang Shuli)

[Reporter Huang Shuli/Yunlin Report] The supply of cabbage exceeds the demand and the price is low, and the vegetable farmers are not able to cover the cost. The Yunlin County Government and the Xiluo Township Farmers Association vigorously promote cabbage. The head of the village purchased together and ordered 36 tons in one day, which made Liao Jingfu, the director-general of the Xiluo Farmers Association, give a thumbs up and praise.

The Xiluo Town Farmers Association held a press conference today to promote "Cauliflower Cuisine". The county magistrate Zhang Lishan, councilors Li Mingzhe, Liao Weiqing, You Shuyun, and the general secretary Liao Jingfu demonstrated the cooking methods of cabbage kimchi, cabbage dumplings and other cabbage dishes. Call on the public to eat more cabbage.

The multi-course cabbage dishes prepared by the farmer's association's housekeeping class were also displayed on the spot, including cabbage wraps, cabbage pancakes, cabbage rice, cabbage buns, cabbage rolls, etc.

Liao Jingfu said that cabbage is now in season, and the quality and taste are excellent. However, due to the imbalance between production and sales, the price has fallen. Farmers' associations and county governments have used various channels to market cabbage. Except for the northern part of the farmer's association, the sale of about 18 tons per day has continued. A week later, Su Shufang, another village chief, learned of the low price of cabbage for the first time, and immediately called on other village chiefs to order. He ordered 1,800 boxes a day, each weighing 20 kilograms.

Shen Peisheng, the former secretary of the Farmers Association, said that Chief Su Li is very enthusiastic. Whenever he hears that the price of vegetables in Yunlin has fallen and the sales are unsalable, he is eager to help. It has been 10 years, especially the cabbage. The strongest salesman of forest agricultural products.

Su Shufang pointed out that she is Yunlin's daughter-in-law. Although her husband's family has moved to the north, she is very concerned about the affairs of her hometown. When she received a call from Secretary Shen of the Farmers Association, she called on friends of the village head to subscribe and distribute it to the villagers. Everyone is very happy.

Zhang Lishan emphasized that 1,100 hectares of cabbage in Yunlin have been planted in this phase, and there are still 100 hectares of unharvested fields. In order to stabilize the balance of production and sales in the market, the county government has repeatedly matched various measures such as group buying, processing, and channel promotion, and the results have been good. Cabbage It is the king of vegetables, with high nutritional value, everyone is welcome to eat more cabbage.

Cabbage is now in season, with good quality, good taste and high nutritional value. Now is the right time to eat it.

(Photo by reporter Huang Shuli)

Super salesman!

Su Shufang, head of the Xiangqiu village in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, has assisted in the sale of cabbage for many years. This time, she called on friends of the village head to order 36 tons a day for distribution to the residents. The centenarian Rui Limin was happy to get the cabbage.

(Photo provided by Su Shufang)