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Taking into account the sociological studies, which do not give a big advantage to any of the parties and do not show that there will be a higher voter turnout, it makes the political entities to save funds for advertising, especially since local elections are looming at the end of the year .

This was commented by Iva Lazarova from the Institute for the Development of the Public Environment.

An analysis by the Institute shows that a total of BGN 1.3 million excluding VAT was spent in 20 days of the election campaign.

In this campaign, messages are not so much spread through traditional media, parties and coalitions are increasingly turning to social media, she added. 

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"There seems to be no interest in advertising in the media at this moment. Probably the entry of social media and the videos and short videos that are broadcast there are used as advertising by the participants," added Lazarova.

According to her, at the moment the most expensive is the advertising of GERB-SDS and "Vazrazhdane".

"They spent a little over BGN 250,000 for the campaigns in the 40 media that we monitor. These are not huge funds compared to previous campaigns," she explained, quoted by BNR.

There is no interest in the two large private televisions, Lazarova also reported in the program "Before Everyone".

According to her, for the first time since 2014, they are taking a back seat. 

Only the "Vazrazhdane" party had signed a contract with Nova TV and that for less than BGN 10,000, she gave an example and added that "Eurocom" is once again of great interest.

Iva Lazarova stressed that she continues the practice of free contracts.

This could be another form that is a prerequisite for not paying for advertising, she believes, adding that it is not clear what these free contracts are for.

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