A male dental doctor surnamed Xiao who was involved in sexually harassing a female assistant three times and falsely accusing him of theft was sentenced to one year and two months in prison by the Tainan District Court, suspended for four years, and he was required to undergo eight sessions of legal education.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] A male dentist surnamed Xiao had a previous record of sexually harassing a female assistant in a clinic. He was sentenced to 7 months in prison and suspended for 2 years. The assistant harassed her 3 times, and the woman quit in anger and called the dentist to report sexual harassment; unexpectedly, Xiao Fan falsely accused the assistant of stealing money.

When the Tainan District Court opened, Xiao Cai pleaded guilty and compensated 1.1 million yuan in exchange for mediation with the victim.

The judge sentenced Dr. Xiao to 7 months in prison for 3 crimes of sexual harassment and 7 months in prison for 1 crime of false accusation. The combined sentence should be 1 year and 2 months in prison. Considering that the defendant pleaded guilty in the first instance and compensated the female assistant, he was still repentant and was sentenced to probation. 2 years of previous sexual harassment case, if the probation has not been revoked after the probation period expires, it is equivalent to not having been sentenced to a sentence of more than fixed-term imprisonment for an intentional crime.

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The judge also said that Dr. Xiao’s repeated sexual harassment of female servants was inherently inappropriate, but he pleaded guilty in the first instance and compensated the injured female assistant 1.1 million yuan. .

After the judge's comprehensive evaluation, it is difficult to believe that the defendant must be sent to prison for execution, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the corrective effect. Dr. Xiao should be vigilant and give Xiao a chance to correct his mistakes. There is no need for prison to serve his sentence, so he told Xiao's sentence was suspended for 4 years. During the suspension period, he was given protection and control, and had to attend 8 sessions of legal education.

However, if Xiao breaks the law again and the circumstances are serious, the prosecution will still have to petition the court to revoke the probation announcement.

According to investigations by the prosecution, a dentist surnamed Xiao who is over half a century old opened a dental clinic in southern Taiwan. He had previously committed sexual harassment and other crimes. He reluctantly pleaded guilty at the first trial.

However, Dr. Xiao did not cherish the chance of probation, and he remained stubborn. He sexually harassed another female assistant in the clinic, and stretched out his hands three times.

On the afternoon of May 27, 2021, Xiao Nan instructed the female assistant to make black tea in the clinic. Taking advantage of the opportunity of being alone, he put his left hand on the woman's left back waist and slid it to the right back waist; When opening for business, Xiao Nan asked the female assistant to help him wipe and maintain his face. He used this opportunity to put his hand on the woman's lower abdomen for 3 to 5 seconds, and said to the woman, "How is the menstrual period and how thin you are?", and then sexually harassed her. succeed.

On the morning of August 23 of the same year, Dr. Xiao took advantage of the fact that the clinic was not open yet, and asked the female assistant to help him with manicure. Xiao touched the woman's right hand with her hand. The female assistant immediately shook off the male dentist's hand. Xiao still asked the woman to finish the manicure. , 3rd degree sexual harassment.

In the afternoon, the female assistant did not go to work at the clinic, and she voluntarily resigned in disguise. After discussing with her family, she went to the police station to report the case the next day.

After the female assistant filed a lawsuit, Dr. Xiao asked an uninformed lawyer to send a letter of proof of the alleged theft to the female assistant in September 2021, saying that the female assistant cleaned the third floor of the clinic twice in July and August 2020 At that time, he stole a total of 6,000 yuan from him, and filed a lawsuit with the Tainan District Prosecutor's Office in December 2021, falsely accusing the female assistant of stealing money (this part of the prosecution will not prosecute the female assistant).