Some ginkgo trees in the "Mixed Agroforestry" demonstration area in Dalun Mountain, Lugu Township, Nantou County, start to bloom and bear fruit before new leaves grow, which is surprising.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

[Reporter Xie Jieyu/Report from Nantou] The crops in the "Mixed Agroforestry" Demonstration Area of ​​Dalun Mountain, Lugu Township, Nantou County are mainly tea trees and ginkgo trees. It was watered by rain for two consecutive days from the day before yesterday to yesterday. When farmers went to work on the mountain today, they found that many tea trees were damaged. The green vitality is restored, and the ginkgo trees are gradually waking up from hibernation, but some plants enter the flowering and fruiting period before new leaves grow. "Long drought meets rain" caused chaos in the biological clock?

Lugu Township has an area of ​​about 100 hectares of ginkgo. From the Xiaobantian area at an altitude of about 800 meters to the Dalun Mountain "Mixed Agriculture and Forestry" demonstration area at an altitude of 1,500 meters, you will be greeted by a landscape intertwined with ginkgo trees and tea trees. In the past, when spring came in March, the ginkgo trees on the top of the mountain would change into emerald green spring clothes, but this year it is still a "dead wood forest" hibernating scene. According to the judgment of farmers, there should be a considerable causal relationship with the prolonged drought and lack of rain. .

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However, the farmers were even more frightened and unexpected. After two days of continuous rainy weather, the sun showed up today. When the farmers went to work in the "mixed agriculture and forestry" area, some ginkgo trees began to grow buds due to the rain. New leaves, but some actually skip this growth process, only to see stamens emerging from dead wood branches, and some even bear fruits. Could it be that the biological clock is out of order because the rain quenches thirst?

It is also the common aspiration of farmers.

In response to the doubts of farmers, Zhang Jingfu, head of the Forestry Conservation Section of the Agriculture Department of the Nantou County Government, pointed out that plants, like humans, also have the motivation to protect themselves and reproduce when they encounter crises. Therefore, preliminary research and judgment may be drought-type Therefore, some ginkgo trees will seize the opportunity of the rain, skip the normal growth process, and directly bloom and bear fruit, so as to achieve the purpose of multiplying offspring as soon as possible. Botany mostly refers to this abnormal phenomenon as "specialization". "Describe it.

As for the "specialized" ginkgo plants, will they return to normal growth in the future?

It remains to be observed later.

In Lugu Township, which is famous for its Dongding Oolong tea, according to statistics from the Farmers Association, the area of ​​tea leaves damaged by the drought is as large as 200 hectares. Although this wave of rain is not heavy, it does help the growth of tea trees, so it is also Announced to the outside world, the originally scheduled time for delivery of tea samples for spring tea has been postponed by one week, and changed to May 20 and 21 for tea delivery, so that tea farmers have more time to do a good job in tea production. Others include the release of spring tea review results on June 1 , June 10 handling items and procedures such as exhibitions and sales will remain unchanged.

The ginkgo trees in the "Mixed Agroforestry" Demonstration Area in Dalun Mountain, Lugu Township, Nantou County have awakened from hibernation and sprouted new leaves due to the continuous rain in the past two days.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

The ginkgo trees in the "Mixed Agroforestry" demonstration area in Dalun Mountain, Lugu Township, Nantou County are in the shape of dead trees, in sharp contrast to the green tea trees.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)

Some of the ginkgo trees in the "Mixed Agriculture and Forestry" demonstration area in Dalun Mountain, Lugu Township, Nantou County, only saw stamens emerging from the dry branches without new leaves and buds, and some even showed fruiting, which surprised the farmers endlessly.

(Photo by reporter Xie Jieyu)