Su Yage (left) and Zhang Kehong (right), members of the Shangfeng elementary school baseball team, said that they are really happy to be able to help others!

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)

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A 30-second video of an elementary school baseball player leading a bent old woman across the road was praised by netizens as "so willing"

[Reporter Ou Sumei/Taichung Report] Zhang Kehong and Su Yage, members of the Shangfeng Elementary School Baseball Team in Daya District, Taichung City, were on their way to school for morning practice a few days ago. On Fenglin Street in front of the school, they saw a recycling woman who was pushing a cart due to severe hunchback. When crossing the road, they faltered. The two stepped forward to help without saying a word. Su Ya first helped to push the cart to the opposite direction. Zhang Kehong then took Grandma's hand and slowly crossed the road. Shanxing was caught by the people passing by. It was photographed and posted on the Internet, praised as "the most beautiful scenery", and was praised by tens of thousands of netizens. They said in an interview today, "I am really happy to be able to help others"!

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Zhang Kehong and Su Ya are both in the sixth grade and are members of the baseball team. At 6 o'clock in the morning on the 23rd, the two went to the school for morning practice. They saw a grandma with a bent back nearly 90 degrees, pushing a heavy recycling cart. Just as they were about to cross the road, Grandma had to look up at the road and push the cart. It felt a bit difficult and seemed dangerous. The two looked at Grandma and looked at each other. They immediately ran to Grandma's side and asked each other, "Do you want to help?" "?

Grandma declined first, but the two of them did not give up and asked again, and Grandma said, "Otherwise, push the cart for me first."

Su Yage first pushed Grandma's resource recycling cart to the opposite side. He said that because the recyclables on the cart kept falling, he could only pick up and push the cart at the same time, so as not to lose the recycling that Grandma had worked so hard to pick up; Zhang Kehong took Grandma's hand and slowly crossed the road. He said with a smile, "The road that can usually be crossed in 2 or 3 seconds took 30 seconds to get there that day, but it felt very warm"!

Enthusiastic people at Zhang Kehong and Su Yage's charity event discovered that the video was shot and uploaded on the Internet, and the Shangfeng Elementary School Baseball Team also posted the PO video on Facebook, saying, "Thank you two children from the baseball team who are full of love. They are really worthy of appreciation and encouragement. , I hope to maintain a positive attitude and continue to work hard.” Many communities have also reposted the video. Netizens have expressed that “good performance is better than playing a good game”;

Huang Zhewei, the principal of Shangfeng Elementary School, said that Shangfeng Elementary School is a very bright school. Children will find their own stage in various places. The school is also working hard to develop students' different performances and train them Self-confidence. He also witnessed the kind deeds of the two children when he was at work. In fact, it is the teacher's greatest wish to let each child see themselves, show self-confidence, and move forward with confidence on every road of growth.

Huang Zhewei, principal of Shangfeng Elementary School, watched the good deeds of students Su Yage (left) and Zhang Kehong (right), emphasizing that it is the teacher's greatest wish to let each child see themselves and show self-confidence.

(Photo by reporter Ou Sumei)