Russia's deployment of tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus "would be a further escalation and a direct threat to European security," said Peter Stana,

an official representative of the EU's foreign policy service, at a briefing in Brussels on Monday.

"We have not seen confirmation from the Belarusian side that this is on the agenda or will ever happen.

But if this happens, of course there will be consequences," DW quotes him as saying.

Stana urged to wait for the reaction to the statements of the President of the Russian Federation

Vladimir Putin

from the regime of

Alexander Lukashenko

, "which is already an accomplice of this brutal illegal aggression."

Before that, the Supreme Representative of the European Union in foreign policy and security issues,

Joseph Burel

, warned that Brussels is ready to impose new sanctions in case Moscow deploys tactical nuclear weapons on Belarusian territory.

"Belarus can still stop it, it's their choice," he wrote on Twitter.

Peter Stana confirmed at the briefing that such a move would not go unanswered by the EU countries, but refused to discuss the sanctions until they are adopted by the EU Council, as this procedure is strictly confidential.

"We are ready for any scenario and adjust the sanctions preparation process as the conflict unfolds and aggression increases.

Each decision on sanctions is related to specific events on the ground.

So, of course, they will take into account new developments and escalation, and will be adapted accordingly," Stana said.

Currently, the EU countries are considering a new package of sanctions against the Lukashenka regime, proposed by the European Commission in February.