DPP spokesman Zhang Zhihao criticized that Ma Ying-jeou insisted on visiting China, but was dwarfed as soon as he got off the plane.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yun)

[Reporter Chen Yun/Taipei Report] Former President Ma Ying-jeou is going to China to pay respects to his ancestors. It was previously rumored that the Chinese side will receive him at the "head of state level" and may send a central-level leader to pick him up. In the end, Chen Yuanfeng, deputy director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, will come forward.

DPP spokesman Zhang Zhihao criticized that Ma insisted on visiting China the day after the severance of diplomatic ties in Taiwan, and was downplayed as soon as he got off the plane. What do KMT Chairman Zhu Lilun and New Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi think of this "summer evening and summer scene"?

Zhang Zhihao said that the DPP’s press conference had reminded the Kuomintang early in the morning to persuade Ma Ying-jeou, the former chairman of the Kuomintang. As a former president, Beijing elected to operate Taihong to cut diplomatic relations the day before his departure. The normal knee reflex action should be to adjust the schedule to express the position. , One or two days later is an attitude, but Ma is smacking his face, and the visit of "Mr. Ma" is really "Xia Xi Xia Scenery".

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Zhang Zhihao pointed out that the CCP-led sabotage led to the severance of diplomatic relations between Taiwan and Hong Kong. Ma insisted on visiting China and was smeared by the CCP. Just got off the plane and was dwarfed like this. What do you think of Zhu Lilun and Hou Youyi of the Kuomintang?