The cumulative rainfall in the upper reaches of Zengwen Reservoir in the past three days is only 4.5 millimeters.

(Photo by reporter Wu Junfeng)

[Reporter Wu Junfeng/Tainan Report] The front is approaching, and there has been rain in the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir for 3 consecutive days, but there is still no significant "revenue". According to statistics, the 2.9mm on the 26th was the largest in a single day in a month and a half. Obviously severe drought.

The catchment area of ​​Zengwen Reservoir, the largest in China, finally began to rain on the 25th of this month, but as of tonight, the cumulative amount in the three days was only 4.5 mm, and there was almost no obvious inflow upstream.

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Although the rainfall was not heavy, it was the first continuous rainfall since March, and the 2.9 millimeters on the 26th was the largest single-day rainfall since February 15th. It is obvious that the rainfall in the upper reaches of the Zengwen Reservoir is pitifully small.

According to the observation data of the Southern District Water Resources Bureau, as of 11 o'clock tonight, the water level of Zengwen Reservoir was 196.04 meters above sea level, and the water storage rate remained at 11.31%. Together with Wushantou Reservoir, the total effective water storage capacity exceeded 109 million cubic meters.

In response to the severe water situation, the South Water Bureau has made every effort to control the water output. The Zengwen and Wushantou reservoir systems currently only supply public water, including about 750,000 cubic meters per day in the Chiayi area.

As for the Nanhua Reservoir, which supplies water for people's livelihood, the control target is 370,000 cubic meters per day. The Nanhua Bureau appeals that there is still some time before the flood season, and the uncertainty of rainfall is high. It is hoped that the public will continue to cooperate with the measures adopted by the government. Save water together.