Taichung high school students were bullied by their teachers and committed suicide. The Taichung Office of Human Benevolence Foundation recently condemned the school for delaying the handling.

(provided by Renben)

[Reporter Su Mengjuan/Taichung Report] In February, a high school student in Taichung City was suspected of being bullied and committed suicide. The bully was revealed to be the school director and instructor. Seven relevant personnel, including the principal, chief instructor, instructor, and academic innovation personnel, have been transferred from their current positions to wait for investigation; as for the academic director, because he has the status of a teacher, it is up to the Education Council to decide whether to suspend his employment, and an acting principal has been appointed.

The Education Bureau has appointed a school inspector to serve as the acting principal. In addition to reassigning the academic director from his current position, the acting principal will contact the five-person investigation team first to finalize the relevant investigation schedule as the following 5-day Ching Ming holiday is coming. Complete the relevant teacher-student interviews before the holidays. Since there are more than a thousand students in the school, it will take time to interview one by one. The Education Bureau suggests that the survey team use questionnaires to understand the opinions of teachers and students. It is hoped that the preliminary survey results and the opinions of the Department of Morality will be sent after the holidays. .

The Education Bureau pointed out that the school teaching evaluation committee is expected to meet today to decide whether to suspend the academic director and cooperate with the follow-up investigation.

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