Legislator Lai Ruilong fights for funds for the local government to replace water pipes so that the water supply is stable and safe.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Rongxiang)

[Reporter Wang Rongxiang/Kaohsiung Report] The water pipeline along Haiyan Road in Kaohsiung’s Xiaogang District has been buried for more than 30 years. Over the years, heavy vehicles have frequently rolled over it, and underground pipelines are densely covered. When the water leaked and broke the pipe several times, it was difficult and time-consuming to stop the water supply; Legislator Lai Ruilong fought for the central government’s 6.24 After dozens of coordinations, it took 3 years to complete the replacement of pipelines, reducing the chance of broken pipes and water outages, and making the water supply more stable.

The water situation in the south is severe. Legislator Lai Ruilong mentioned that before the lunar calendar in 2016, the water pipes along the Haihe Road were old and overwhelmed, causing 70,000 households in South Kaohsiung to have no water. Only changing the tube can solve the problem at all.

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At that time, he invited the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Water Supply Company, Kaohsiung City Government and other relevant units to coordinate, and asked the central government to pay attention to the quality of water and electricity supply for people's livelihood around the industrial zone, and proposed a replacement pipeline plan and budget for the broken pipe incident.

After dozens of coordinations over a year, problems such as pipeline burial paths, underground pipeline and high-voltage tower relocation, land acquisition, and planning funds were overcome one by one, and the Ministry of Economic Affairs successfully won 624 million yuan in funding, and construction started in October 2018.

He explained that the replacement project of the coastal water pipeline was divided into three designs and contracted, and a new 1800mm pipeline was built. The pipeline was along Haiyan 2nd Road, Mao Street, Beilin Road, Shanming Road to Hongping Intersection, with a total length of 3.5 kilometers; thanks to the central government and the overall project The team worked together, and the villagers of Xiaogang supported and cooperated with the project. The replacement project took more than 3 years and was officially completed in November 2021, reducing the chance of water failure due to broken pipes.

Lai Ruilong emphasized that water supply is the foundation of urban construction and people's livelihood. In the past few years, he has also successively fought for 15 million yuan for the 300mm replacement plan of Shanming Road in Xiaogang District to improve the water supply of Erling and Zhongyuan tribes in Xiaogang District; the Gaosong Road pipeline in Xiaogang District The submersible drilling project and Xincuo pressurization station were restarted with a backup of 11.46 million yuan to maintain the stable water supply of Gaosong and Dapingding; and the water supply pipeline improvement project of Xiaogang Linhai New Village to improve the water pressure problem of the old tribe.

He said that in the face of climate change and abnormal water conditions, he will continue to seek the central government's support for Kaohsiung's various water conservancy projects, continue to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, so that Kaohsiung can deploy and stabilize water supply for people's livelihood industries in advance.