The elderly carry out digital fingerprinting.

(Photographed by reporter Wang Guanren)

[Reporter Wang Guanren/Taipei Report] "Smart City Exhibition 2023" will be held tomorrow at Hall 2 of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. The Taipei City Police Department is sure that many people will visit with their families and families, so they also decide to participate in the exhibition Further promote "digital fingerprinting".

In recent years, many dementia elders have often gone missing, and they may not be wearing love bracelets or having ID cards when they go missing. However, through fingerprinting, as long as the police find the missing person and scan their fingerprints, they can help them go home smoothly.

The Taipei City Police Department pointed out that there have been more and more cases of demented elders getting lost recently. If the elders are not good at expressing themselves, and they do not carry documents or wear love bracelets for identification, it will take more time and manpower to help the elders contact their families and return home safely. Home.

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In the past, in order to promote the work of "digital fingerprinting and filing", the police often cooperated with social welfare institutions such as medical centers and Rizhao Centers to provide voluntary fingerprint printing and filing services for the public. In addition to reducing the repulsion of the elders when entering and leaving the police station, it also improves the traditional ink. The disadvantage of printing fingerprints is that the hands are dirty and not easy to clean.

The police said that after the fingerprints are archived, they will be uploaded to the fingerprint database of the Police Department. If an elder whose fingerprints were archived at home is lost or sent to the hospital, police units across the country can use the fingerprint comparison system to quickly confirm the identity of the elder and communicate with them. Contact family members to help the elderly return home safely to reduce family members' worries.

A senior police officer pointed out that in the past, many social welfare units advertised that the public should wear love bracelets for the dementia, or embroider contact information on their coats; Nor will it be fixed to only wear a few coats.

If you use the "face recognition" function of the police's small computer to compare with the image of the national ID card, but the "true appearance" of many people is far from the photo of the ID card, there may not be a way to compare, so to help the dementia return home, Scanning your fingerprint is the fastest and most convenient way.