A spicy hot pot restaurant on Gongyuan South Road, North District, Nanshi City was shocked, and a middle-aged man was injured and sent to the hospital.

(Photo: Provided by the public) (Photographed by reporter Wang Junzhong)

[Reporter Wang Junzhong/Tainan Report] At about 7:30 this evening, a spicy hot pot restaurant on Gongyuan South Road in the North District of Tainan City was suspected of having an explosion. Dispatched multiple disaster relief teams in the jurisdiction to go there. When the firefighters arrived, there was no obvious smoke in the store, but a middle-aged uncle suffered burns on his hands. Fortunately, he was conscious. The ambulancemen initially bandaged the injury and sent him to the hospital for treatment. .

The firefighters inquired with the store staff and learned that it was the uncle who accidentally ignited a gas explosion when he was about to change the gas, causing burns to both hands of the uncle. Fortunately, he was conscious and his life was not in danger.

When 119 was reported, the store owner was asked to evacuate the people in the store first. There was only one injured person in the store, Arbor.

The cause of the fire caused by the gas explosion will be further investigated by the disaster relief personnel and the fire safety publicity will be made to the store.