A baby seal in an aquarium in Hokkaido, Japan, sleeps soundly during working hours. With its cute sleeping face and bold behavior, countless netizens say they are super envious of this little cutie.

(Picture taken from @narickboxx Twitter)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] Regardless of whether it is Blue Monday or not, there are many people who dream of being able to sleep peacefully in place during work or class.

And in an aquarium in Hokkaido, Japan, there was actually an "employee" who did such a bold and arrogant act aboveboard, which made tens of thousands of netizens envious of him.

A Japanese netizen named "narick" on Twitter visited the "Tachino Sambu Cold Current Aquarium" (ノシャップ Cold Current Aquarium) in Wakkanai City, Hokkaido in March this year, and saw a small seal by chance when he passed the seal living area He fell asleep peacefully after leaning his head against the wall, and even slept until he opened his mouth slightly and showed his lovely pink tongue.

Facing the employee who was dozing off during working hours, Yuan PO couldn't help laughing and said, "It feels like it had a sweet dream."

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After the photos were exposed, the cute appearance of the little seal sleeping boldly during working hours has aroused the envy of tens of thousands of netizens, and they all said, "Really sleeping "Leopard"", "It's so cute", "I actually slept so much that I laughed out loud." ", "Healed by its sleeping face", "I want to protect this angelic sleeping face", "I also want to sleep like this at work, I'm so envious", "I don't know if the little seal will sleep halfway Drooling?", "It must be a very happy dream."

2023/03 Photoshoot

いい梦てそう#アザラシ#あざらし#ノシャップ冷流Aquarium pic.twitter.com/jvNwr88pyf

— narick (@narickboxx) March 25, 2023