A wave of bomb alerts in several schools in Sofia and Burgas.

More than 15 educational institutions in the seaside city are affected.

The children have been evacuated. 

Krasimir Kamenov - Kuro is accused of guaranteeing the murder of the former policeman in Lozenets district

About 10 schools received bomb alerts in Sofia.

It is about the "Poduyane" and "Krasno selo" regions.

Threatening emails were sent from a Russian address.

bTV has the text of the message. 

The email says that TNT charges have been placed in all the schools, which "will soon blow up all the schools in Krasno Selo".

SDVR, GDPOB and 6. RPU were notified.

Inspections are being carried out on the case, the RUO-Sofia has also been notified.

The building of 132. SU "Vanya Voinova" has already been checked and there is no danger for students and management.

bomb alert