If the season with flowering did not come, our grandparents used one simple and proven method - a spoon with sugar.

In this case, sugar plays the role of feeding for bees, which are responsible for pollinating flowers, which increases the yield.

How and where to put a spoon with sugar to get the result

Treats for bees are prepared as follows: you need to take two tablespoons of granulated white sugar and dilute them in one tablespoon of warm water.

The resulting mixture is collected in a small unnecessary container.

It can be a lid or an old spoon.

Sugar top dressing is left in a cozy place in the garden or in the garden near flower beds, shrubs, fruit trees.

This method is suitable for use not only in spring.

It can be used throughout the summer and even in autumn.

Bees will definitely like a tasty treat, they will fly more often to the garden or vegetable garden, sit on flowers, pollinating them.

And this, in turn, will bring a good harvest of vegetables and fruit trees, berry bushes.

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