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New Delhi:

The honorable government of Punjab has taken a very important decision for the farmers.

While opening the government treasury, the government has increased the crop compensation.

According to the information, the amount of crop loss compensation has been increased by 25 percent.

Earlier, compensation of Rs 5400 per acre was given for the loss of 33 to 75 percent. 

However, now the Honorable Government of Punjab will give compensation of Rs 6750 per acre to the farmers.

15,000 per acre will be given on 76 to 100 percent loss.

In the previous governments, only Rs 12000 per acre was given in case of loss.

Those who have 20 to 32 percent crop loss will also get a compensation of Rs 2000 per acre.

At the same time, for the first time in the state, farmers with 20 to 25 percent crop loss will also get compensation.

Earlier, only 26 to 32 percent crop loss people were getting help. 

People whose houses have been completely destroyed in the bad weather will get an assistance of Rs 95,000 from the government.

5200 rupees will be given for the wear and tear of houses. 

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