Immigrant workers squatted on the ground to renovate paint stains, which made netizens praise that it could be sold.

(The picture section is taken from Road Observation Academy)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] The poor social and economic conditions in many countries make people choose to work abroad to survive. After a long time, they often feel homesick.

A few days ago, a woman noticed a paint stain next to the construction site, which was transformed into an illustration by the skilled hands of the migrant workers, and the words left by the migrant workers were even more pitiful, making the original PO say that he must be homesick.

A woman shared a post on the Facebook group "On the Road Observation Academy", which attracted many heartwarming comments.

She said that she saw a little paint on the ground next to the construction site, but when she passed by a few days later, she saw a migrant worker paint it into a painting.

The paint in the attached picture has been designed into clouds, mountains, and sunrise, and the skillful hands of migrant workers even used strange brushes to draw birds, caves, houses, and people.

In the end, he wrote "Simple life is a beautiful life...", which made the original PO cry, saying that he must be homesick.

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Netizens were attracted by this painting one after another, and many praised the immigrant workers for their excellent painting, "The words and composition are very good, it's not cultivated", "I thought it was from a picture book", "The painter's dream was delayed by the painter"; In addition, some netizens directly found new business opportunities, "Find a migrant worker to sell T-shirts with him", "Put this picture on the back of a cotton T-shirt, and a bunch of people will buy it immediately", "If it appears on the card sold in the store Also great".