North Korea fired another missile into the waters east of the Korean peninsula today.

The picture shows a schematic diagram of a North Korean projectile.


[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff pointed out that North Korea today (27th) launched a ballistic missile towards the waters east of the Korean Peninsula.

According to South Korea's "Yonhap News Agency", the South Korean military is currently analyzing data such as the type, flight distance, altitude, and speed of the missiles launched by North Korea.

The report pointed out that North Korea's projectiles may be an armed demonstration against the South Korea-US joint landing exercise and the US aircraft carrier.

The "Freedom Shield" large-scale joint military exercise held by South Korea and the United States started on the 13th. North Korea had launched a demonstration before the military exercise, and fired various ballistic missiles more frequently during the exercise. Conduct operations such as nuclear torpedoes and long-range cruise missile tests.

Japan's "NHK" reported that Japan's Ministry of Defense stated that North Korea suspected of launching two ballistic missiles this morning, and it was determined that the missiles landed outside Japan's Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The Ministry of Defense will continue to monitor and monitor North Korea's actions.