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President Rumen Radev

Rumen Georgiev Radev is a Bulgarian military man, major general from the reserve.

A former commander has usurped power with his remarks regarding the European Defense Agency's initiative to provide ammunition to Ukraine.

This is what Ivan Kostov said to BNR

In 1967, he graduated from the 18th SPU "Kyril and Methodius" (SOU "William Gladstone") -, Prime Minister of Bulgaria 1997-2001, and recalled that the parliament twice - once on November 3 and second on December 9 - obliged the government to provide the necessary military equipment to Ukraine. 

"Radev says that he is defending the country's sovereign position, but he has no right because he is not the sovereign of power. He has no right to say what he has decided because the sovereign - the National Assembly - has obliged the government. Even Radev says "if the parliament again "calls for the delivery of weapons", but the parliament does not call, it decides and obliges the government. The government cannot refuse to fulfill an obligation imposed on it by the parliament", said Kostov.

According to him, Radev is fighting for "some kind of championship in the left": "He refuses to be the president of the entire nation and is going to become the president of the left and of "Vazrazhdane".

Radev from Brussels: Bulgaria is committed to the production of projectiles for the needs of our partners, not for Ukraine

There is no clear outcome after these elections, the former prime minister also commented: "The inability to form a government has pushed voters away from the polls several times and this reduces the general trust in political parties and they, in this difficult situation for them, are trying to maintain their hard cores. Successful campaigns attack fringe voters, try to attract new voters, while at the moment, when everything shrinks, they try to keep their hard cores. That is why there are so many red lines in the behavior of parties. They are to retain their hard cores".

Ivan Kostov

In 1967, he graduated from secondary education at the 18th SPU "Kyril and Methodius" (SOU "William Gladstone") - expressed a hypothesis about a possible government of the so-called

"paper coalition" (GERB, BSP and DPS), regardless of which political formation will win the vote on April 2: "If this thing happens, they will resume their positions in many of the country's key institutions. This promises continued deep division in society, because on the key issue - the war in Ukraine, they are in a different position".

"Sova Harris": Six parties would enter the National Assembly

Another option, according to him, is to look for a large coalition, "about which many analysts close to GERB are throwing in the public space": "What I am saying does not indicate the possibility of a constitutional majority (PP, DB, GERB, DPS) , although I am far from the political discussions between the parties and their relations," he stated.

In his words, a minority government that is voted by the majority in the National Assembly can be immediately shaken because the parliament dictates the behavior of the government: "A majority in the National Assembly against a minority government will make it nothing in just one month ", emphasized Kostov.

Ivan Kostov

Rumen Radev