Ou Nv stabbed the policeman, resulting in death.

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[Reporter Wen Yude/Taipei Report] A couple of police officers surnamed Liu from the Seventh Security Corps run a hot pot restaurant. On the opening day 3 years ago, the couple had an argument for some reason. After returning home, Liu's wife stabbed her husband's thigh with a fruit knife. Liu Nan died of massive bleeding. The Supreme Court upheld the opinions of previous trials and found that Liu's wife had no murderous intent.

May 10, 2020 was the opening day of the hot pot restaurant. At that time, Liu Nan took his parents to take the high-speed rail; Liu’s wife, Ou Nu, called Liu Nan to come back to help quickly because there were too many customers in the restaurant, but the restaurant was very noisy at the moment. , Ou Nu raised her voice and spoke, making Liu Nan think that Ou Nu was angry, and the two had a small fight.

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Later, Liu Nan returned home to rest after finishing his work. At about 1 o'clock in the morning the next day, Ou Nu went home after closing the store. When she entered the room, because she was dissatisfied with Liu Nan, she stabbed Liu Nan's left thigh with a fruit knife. , resulting in massive bleeding, and was still not cured after being sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

During the court hearing, Ou Nv denied the crime of causing injury to death and argued that she did not know that Liu Nan was "useful" until Liu Nan mentioned that she was injured and wrapped in a quilt and was about to fall down. Male, at best it was a mistaken injury.

The Kaohsiung District Court of the first instance and the Kaohsiung Higher Branch Court of the second instance all pointed out that according to the forensic report, they refused to accept Ou Nv's defense, and according to the phone conversation records of the husband and wife, the two mentioned divorce many times, and their relationship was not good, and Ou Nv's confession was repeated. At one point, it was said that Liu Nan was accidentally stabbed when he ran to play with her, and at another time, it was said that when Liu Nan fell, she stepped forward to help him and accidentally stabbed him with a knife.

However, based on the relevant evidence, the first and second trials determined that Ou Nu did not kill Liu Nan intentionally, and that Liu Nan was not injured in the heart or a fatal part of his body, and there was only one stab wound. The doctor gave first aid, but it was hard to admit that Ou Nv had murderous intentions.

In the first and second instance, due to the quarrel dispute, Ou Nv did not want to control her emotions in a rational and peaceful way, so she stabbed Liu Nan, who had been dating for many years and married for more than two years, with a fruit knife, resulting in the death of Liu Nan and causing Liu Nan's family to suffer The pain of eternal separation, and the Ou female criminal later shirked responsibility, but reached a settlement with Liu Nan's family, and was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months in prison for the crime of causing death.

The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal decision.