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Preparations for the reconstruction of Ukraine and for dealing with the damage from the war must begin, said German


of Economic Cooperation and Development Svenja Schulze at a joint press conference with the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin Oleksiy Makeev, BTA reported.

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"Anyone who believes in a better future, who works for it, will be better able to survive these difficult times," Schulze said at the launch of an internet platform aimed at helping establish a relationship between humanitarian organizations and the private sector. sector and initiatives.

"From experience in recovery work around the world, we know that good preparation is extremely important so that emergency aid can complement long-term recovery as well and efficiently as possible," Schulze added.

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The platform on a centralized site aims to be a point of contact for everyone who wants to contribute to the recovery, the DPA said.

"The damage caused by the Russian invasion is enormous and is currently estimated at $135 billion," Makeev said.

Ukraine will need more than $400 billion, $14 billion of which is needed this year, he added.

In response to inquiries, Makeev replied that Ukraine will ensure the proper use of funds and fight against corruption.

Schultze said that the work of Ukrainian anti-corruption authorities is visible.

"They discovered the most recent cases on their own. Immediate sanctions were imposed and that is extremely important," she added.

Russian invasion of Ukraine


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