Hon Hai founder Terry Gou will set off for a 12-day visit to the United States. He is expected to visit "important people" in Washington DC, give a speech at the "Brookings Institution", visit the University of Maryland and Harvard University, and have a discussion with the Taiwan Alumni Association.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Yisong)

[Reporter Huang Jingyu/Taipei Report] Gou Taiming’s office stated today (27th) that the founder of Hon Hai, Gou Taiming, will leave for the United States tonight and is scheduled to return to Taiwan on April 7. He will visit the United States for 12 days, hoping to build a Taiwan-U.S. cooperation strategy and strengthen Taiwan. Possibility of cooperation with the world economy.

However, many people interpreted this as an itinerary for the 2024 presidential election.

Guo Taiming's office emphasized that in addition to visiting important people in Washington DC, Guo Taiming will also go to the top three think tanks in the United States "Brookings Institution" (Brookings Institution) to give a speech, and will also be invited to the University of Maryland to talk about industrial AI , went to Harvard Medical School and Business School to meet with the deans of the two schools, and held a discussion with the relevant organizations of the Taiwan Alumni Association of the school.

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Guo Taiming's office pointed out that Guo Taiming will also accept the invitation of "Yushan Science and Technology Association" to go to the Washington, San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles branches of Yushan Association to give speeches, talking about the evolution of international politics, the positioning of Taiwan's future international policy, economy and technology (AI) The evolution of the industry, the transformation and upgrading of Taiwan and other issues, as well as the current difficulties faced by the high-tech industry and its real structural problems, the discussion will serve as a boost for Taiwan's future industrial transformation and upgrading.

The "Yushan Science and Technology Association" was originally co-founded by Guo Taiming, and the name "Yushan" has a special meaning.

Terry Gou's office pointed out that Terry Gou has always been worried about the difficulties faced by the current economic development, the rapid and changing development of technological iterations, and the uncertainties of the world situation. , I hope that through the 12-day visit, we will build a Taiwan-US cooperation strategy and strengthen the possibility of Taiwan's economic cooperation with the world.

The United States is the first stop of Terry Gou's "Science and Technology Economy Development Journey", with the United States as the first stop. After returning to Taiwan on April 7, he will plan a series of visits to Japan and other itineraries.