Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin (right) registered for the primary election of the legislators of Taipei's 7th constituency (Xinyi, Nansongshan), challenging the incumbent legislator Fei Hongtai of the same party.

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[Reporter Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] The KMT’s 2024 Legislative Election Campaign will usher in a generational change. Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin registered for the primary election of Taipei’s seventh constituency (Xinyi, Nansongshan) and challenged Fei Hongtai, the current legislator of the same party.

Xu recently suggested switching to a non-regional division or entering the cabinet, but Fei believed that it would not be good for the Kuomintang to divide officials before it was in power, and it was even more bitter that Xu should be elected president.

Xu Qiaoxin asked rhetorically this afternoon, is it possible that Commissioner Fei has no confidence in the KMT's ruling in 2024?

He also emphasized that there is a concept of a shadow cabinet in power.

Xu Qiaoxin said in an interview this afternoon that she was a little scared by Fei Hongtai's suggestion to run for president, thinking that everyone knew that to be elected president must be 40 years old. Thank you Fei for thinking that she has the corresponding ability, but unfortunately she is not yet 40 years old.

Xu also emphasized that she hopes to unite with Fei Hongtai and win the 2024 election campaign. In the future, the cabinet must rely heavily on Fei's talents. Xinyi District unites for common good, creates a win-win situation, and doubles its combat power.

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As for Fei Hongtai's question that the Kuomintang was too proud to confer titles on officials before it gained power, Xu Qiaoxin asked, "Could it be that Commissioner Fei has no confidence in our Kuomintang ruling in 2024?"

Xu said that in the early stages of the 2022 election, the KMT did not go well, but they never gave up and worked hard on various issues, and finally achieved results.

Xu Qiaoxin emphasized that there is a concept of a shadow cabinet in power. Experienced and professional legislators certainly have the capital to go to the next level. If the KMT can unite and win the election in 2024, the cabinet must need Fei Hongtai. If even the current legislators think that in 2024 If you can't win, how should you deal with the next account?

Xu Qiaoxin appealed to the Kuomintang legislators to face every challenge with the mentality that they must win. After passing the test, the Kuomintang will definitely be able to return to power, and Fei will have a chance to reach a higher level.

Xu emphasized that the alternation of generations is not to bring down anyone, but to push up those who are in the position.

Regarding the KMT's coordination with the legislators of Songshan Xinyi District tomorrow, is it worried that there will be no consensus on the outcome of the coordination and return to the KMT's mechanism of 30% party members and 70% polls?

Xu Qiaoxin said that there is a high chance that there is no consensus. We still abide by the party's system. We will discuss it in the committee and explain it to everyone tomorrow.

DPP Taipei City Councilor Xu Shuhua, who is running for the legislator of the seventh constituency, also called out Xu Qiaoxin to "respect her predecessors" (Fei Hongtai). Different positions and routes.

Xu also questioned Xu Shuhua, and it was Sima Zhao's heart to help Fei Hongtai. Is Xu Zheng supporting Fei Hongtai of the Kuomintang?

Xu Qiaoxin said that Xu Shuhua competed fiercely with DPP Taipei city councilor Hong Jianyi in the 7th constituency, and the DPP councilors in the constituency supported Hong. Xu himself was under pressure, but there was no need to entangle Fei Hongtai because of this, and I believe Fei did not want this either.