Migrants sit inside a detention center building in Libya.

Photo: Taken from UN News.

The UN Independent Investigation Mission on Libya presented a report on Monday according to which state forces and armed militias have committed crimes against humanity against Libyans and migrants in that country, to which entities that have received support from the Libyan government have contributed. European Union.

The investigators blamed the European Union for sending support to Libyan forces who, they added, contributed to crimes against migrants and Libyans.

Based on their findings, the experts called on EU authorities to review their policies towards the turmoil-stricken African nation, the AP reported.

The revelations appear in a sweeping new report, based on interviews with hundreds of people, including migrants and witnesses, that concluded a mission created nearly three years ago to investigate violations and rights abuses in the North African country.

Libya, an oil-rich but largely lawless nation, has in recent years become the main transit point for migrants seeking a better quality of life in Europe.

Activists have long denounced the horrifying conditions faced by migrants who were trafficked and smuggled across the Mediterranean.

The investigators found "reasonable grounds to believe that crimes against humanity were committed against Libyans and migrants throughout Libya," said Mohamed Auajjar, head of the fact-finding mission.

Speaking in Arabic through a translator at a news conference in Geneva, he added that his team discovered "numerous cases of arbitrary detention, murder, torture, rape, slavery, sexual slavery and enforced disappearance."

According to the report, the Libyan Coast Guard, which has received training and equipment from the EU, has worked "in close coordination" with human smuggling networks in Libya.

The “large-scale exploitation of vulnerable and irregular migrants” generated “significant revenues” that spurred continued human rights violations, according to the report.

(With information from AP and UN News)