The rhododendrons in the New Taipei Metropolitan Lotus Park are in full bloom, attracting people to take pictures and check in.

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[Reporter Lai Xiaotong/New Taipei Report] Spring is in full bloom, and it's time for outings!

The rhododendrons in the Lotus Park of the Metropolitan New Taipei City are in full bloom one after another. The pink, white, and bright red flowers are in full bloom. They are elegant and beautiful. Home", spend a pleasant leisure time.

According to the Gaotandi Engineering Management Office of New Taipei City, rhododendrons are commonly found in parks, streets, and campuses. They are known as the "king of woody flowers". The flowering period is from March to May every year. Shantong), plant a whole row of rhododendrons, pink, white and red flowers are in full bloom, stacked on the dense green branches and leaves, interlaced in layers, like the palette of the earth, adorning the scenery of the riverside park.

According to Gaotan Department, the surrounding attractions of Hehua Park are rich and varied. For example, the water park has set up a "home of sheep and baa", which raises 14 goats, which look funny and cute. During this time period, there are shepherds on the site providing pasture for free, and open to the public to experience feeding, making it a place for parents and children to travel together, entertaining and entertaining.

In addition, the "Le You Tiandi" located next to the aboriginal-themed tribal park has a super-large sandpit amusement facility with the theme of a bee landscape, which is very popular among children; "Bear and Monkey Forest Park" plans four themes and Thirty-one slides are the largest slide playground in Taiwan. The water park is open in summer, and adults and children have a great time playing. It is a good place for children to discharge their energy.

After admiring the flowers in the Metropolitan Lotus Park, you can visit the "Bear and Monkey Forest Paradise".

(Photo by reporter Lai Xiaotong)