Jiang Zhaoguo, a central city councilor of the Democratic Progressive Party, has three terms of experience as a city councilor in the Central and Western Districts, and has strong strength.

(File photo, photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

[Reporter Su Jinfeng/Taichung Report] DPP Taichung City Sixth Constituency (Central West Southeast District) non-party incumbent legislator Huang Guoshu has stated that he will not run for re-election due to his strong strength. Huang Shouda and He Kunlin, CEO of the He Chunmu Cultural and Educational Foundation, jumped out to run for the election, forming a situation where the "three young people" competed. Each of the three had supporters. The key to stand out from the primary election was Huang Guoshu's support; all three followed Huang Guoshu has a good relationship, and Huang Guoshu will not shy away from supporting the new department in person?

Or isometric support?

to be observed.

According to the regular schedule of the Democratic Progressive Party Central Committee, if there are more than 2 people in the legislative constituency, they must coordinate first. Coordination deadline, coordination failed, April 24 to May 12 to hold primary election polls.

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Since the three candidates have been considered for a long time, it may not be easy to coordinate successfully. All three of them have experienced primary elections in this term of city councilors, and Jiang Zhaoguo and Huang Shouda will face off for the third time. The battle will be fierce.

The first of the three registered was Huang Shouda of the new department. Huang Shouda had experience as a city councilor for two terms. Although he intended to run for election, he held the position of "respecting Huang (Huang Guoshu)". The decision to register was made with the support of Huang Guoshu. The two also have a "mentor-student friendship". Huang Shou-da also received support from the new department for his election.

Jiang Zhaoguo belongs to the National Assembly, and his father is Jiang Zhengji, a former city councilor. Jiang Zhaoguo has been elected as a city councilor for three consecutive terms. He has his own strong strength in the Central and Western District. Understand that it is important to get Huang Guoshu's support to win.

Therefore, Jiang Zhaoguo clearly stated in his election statement, "During these 4 elections and 12 years, I have clearly seen the serious efforts of two political figures, Lin Jialong and Huang Guoshu. Therefore, I want to tell you with great determination that in the future I will follow the These two legislators from the central, western and southeastern regions work equally hard and double their efforts." It is like emphasizing that I will not fall into a faction, and will not only win the support of Lin Jialong, but also Huang Guoshu, not to mention that Huang Guoshu is no longer a new faction, and there is no non-support The new system can not be pressured.

Although He Kunlin lost the city councilor election last year, he is still the top loser. He has a certain strength. His father is a former city councilor He Mincheng, which means that the entire He family will support him. Moreover, the population of the southeastern district is larger than that of the central and western districts. It's because they have a good friendship with Huang Guoshu. When Huang Guoshu was a city councilor, they were still two or one of the five generals.

At present, the 3 people registered for the inner-party competition have their own advantages. There is still nearly a month before the polls. The 3 people can work hard in their weaker constituencies. And Huang Guoshu's power will eventually be poured into that camp, or will he support equidistantly? Worth watching.

Huang Shouda, a city councilor from the Central and Western District of the Democratic Progressive Party, has the strength of a second-term city councilor and has a "mentor-student friendship" with Huang Guoshu. His strength should not be underestimated.

(File photo, photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)

He Kunlin, CEO of the He Chunmu Culture and Education Foundation, whose father is He Mincheng, has the support of He Jiaban behind him.

(File photo, photo by reporter Su Jinfeng)