Scholars such as Fu Dawei, a retired professor at Yangming Jiaotong University, Guo Lixin, a retired adjunct professor at National Chengchi University, Feng Jiansan, a professor at National Chengchi University, and Lu Qianyi, a researcher at the Academia Sinica, issued a statement "anti-war theory", which aroused discussions from all walks of life.

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Tang Xiandun (adjunct professor at California State University, Fullerton, majoring in International Relations) was originally published in Liberty Times Speech Square

Recently, four scholars in Taiwan have jointly signed a statement against the war and suspicion of the United States. I can fully understand if these scholars can stand tall and say: "We are afraid of war. Some benefits. What's more, is freedom and democracy worth sacrificing?" Human nature, why should we be so demanding?

However, if scholars do not tell the truth in their hearts, but distort the truth of history, make random stories, and turn black and white, it is not kind!

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In all fairness, without the assistance of the United States, how could Taiwan survive to this day?

If the CCP took over Taiwan in the 1950s, our parents would definitely be able to "enjoy" "virtuous governance" such as the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.

Of course, in international relations, countries do not owe each other, but it is impossible for some Taiwanese scholars to say that the US government can never be trusted, or even do evil.

I have to say that I am cold-blooded, but the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign governments have concealed a fact in order to appease the masses: the international victory or defeat is not the so-called "the benevolent is invincible, and the virtuous live in victory", but the strong and even the ruthless win.

The rare exception is the result of World War II.

The cruelty of the fascist regime in Germany and Japan is really hard to describe, and it is also a catastrophe that has been repeated repeatedly in history.

If it were not for the unique and strong national power of the United States at that time, the history of the strong victorious would surely reappear.

After World War II, if it were not for the new order established by the United States and the power to maintain peace with benign hegemony, the world situation would be even more unimaginable.

Most countries, especially the CCP, have also benefited economically from such a free and stable trade order.

The United States made some mistakes, especially the second Iraq war.

However, because of the stable order of the US hegemony, it is impossible to measure how much war has been eliminated (statistically, there is no measurement model that can calculate what did not happen).

However, in the seventy-eight years since the end of World War II, there has never been a military conflict between major powers in this world. Most scholars of international relations have reasonably attributed the power of the United States, the "world police".

In terms of international relations, the pluralistic world emphasized by the leaders of China and Russia is the most tragic and war-torn situation.

However, no matter how everyone argues, Taiwan has not yet let the CCP, the United States, and other allies feel Taiwan's determination.

This is a fact!

Of course, it is possible that when a crisis actually occurs, the people of Taiwan will step forward and be braver than the people of Ukraine, but it will be too late!

Failure to show determination at least on the surface will create the greatest temptation for the aggressors, and war cannot be avoided!

Some people argue that war can be avoided by simply surrendering, right?

The deterrence policy I learned is to show determination and will to deter aggressors before a war breaks out!

Taiwan needs to do more in this regard.

Time is running out.

Otherwise, you should make other plans early and don't drag your allies down.

This is my third party observation, and in the end, it is still up to the people of Taiwan to decide.