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[Reporter Wang Dingchuan/New Taipei Report] The man surnamed Luo was dissatisfied with his daughter's failure to complete the assignment. In addition to preventing her from going out and confiscating her mobile phone, she also asked her to lie to the police that she was going out. It will just kill you", "I really want to kill you", "I will give you a double blow, and after your mother dies, you will be helpless, become an orphan, and wander the streets", etc., the judges of the New Taipei District Court deliberated Luo Nv hoped that the court would give a lighter sentence, so she was sentenced to 30 days' detention for the crime of depriving others of freedom of movement, and she can appeal.

This case happened on the afternoon of April 18, 2020. Because Luo Nan was dissatisfied with his daughter's failure to complete the assigned work, when he knew that she was going out to meet friends, he blocked the French door of the living room with his body to prevent her from going out, and lent him his daughter's mobile phone Take it back, so that the daughter cannot use the mobile phone to contact the outside world or ask for help.

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Luo's girlfriend hadn't seen Luo's daughter for an appointment for a long time and called the police. Unexpectedly, Luo Nan not only refused the police to check in, but also asked her to answer the phone, and ordered her to lie to the police that she was returning to Taichung by passenger transport. : "I won't hurt you, I'll just kill you, but I won't die, make you want to die but can't die, do you understand?", "Where do you go to work, I go there to harass you , to harass your boss, so that everyone in Taiwan dare not hire you."

Not only that, Luo Nan also threatened: "I really want to kill you, I will not let you be so happy, I will torture you slowly", "I will give you a double blow, after your mother dies, I will leave you alone Fuck, become an orphan, wandering the streets" etc.; Luo Nan denied the crime during the trial, but the collegial panel did not accept it and believed that he denied the crime after committing the crime. Light sentence, so sentenced to 30 days in prison.

☆In case of violence in a cohabitation relationship, the public can call the 113 protection hotline, or seek help from the domestic violence prevention centers of local governments.