Chuwit Kuang Ananchai goes to court to attack lawyer Tam for defamation and aims to claim a hundred million baht case.

ask for lawyer etiquette

along with threatening to prosecute the spokesman of the police and AMLO, who stated that Chuwit took a random risk

money laundering act

On March 27, 2023 at the Criminal Court on Ratchadaphisek Road

The court scheduled a preliminary hearing in the case that Mr. Chuwit Kamolwisit, a famous former politician.

filed a lawsuit against Mr. Santhana Prayoonrat, a former Special Branch police officer

on suspicion of making a false report

relating to criminal offenses that have not been committed, creating false evidence

and libel by advertising

It is also filed as a civil lawsuit in connection with a criminal case.

Claim damages in the amount of 100 million baht.

From the case that Mr. Santhana

Alleged that The Davis Hotel

Conner Wing, Soi Sukhumvit 24, Khlong Tan Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District of Mr. Chuvit's son

It is a gathering place for tourists to take drugs.

False evidence was created by secretly filming and taking video clips to report to the police at Thonglor Police Station, which such evidence is still unclear.

As a result, the reputation of the hotel and Mr. Chuvit was tarnished.

Today, I came to file a lawsuit against Mr. Santhana, with Ton Trakul Co., Ltd. as the 1st plaintiff and Mr. Chuwit as the 2nd plaintiff.

Will travel with Mr. Ananchai Chaiyadej, a lawyer, this appointment is the second preliminary hearing.

Mr. Ananchai said that today I would like to talk about the laws in the Criminal Code, Sections 326, 328, the 1985 Lawyers Act, 1986 Lawyers Regulations, and the Money Laundering Act.

These laws have been compiled by the team to provide opinions to the public about the true laws.

and public benefit

After this, Mr. Chuwit would not give an interview on this subject.

in which he, as a lawyer, recommended

Because if Mr. Sitra

gave another interview referring to Mr. Chuwit

will be subject to criminal and civil proceedings, demanding 100 million baht per time

Mr. Chuwit's lawyer said that the demand for the press conference was 300,000 baht.

If the press release is useful and truthful

and the client receives justice

In his own point of view, he was not wrong.

But claiming to be a lawyer for the people

But it's not right to call people's money.

This has to be viewed on a case-by-case basis.

This is not brought to attack each other.

Lawyer Sithra and him had no reason to be angry.

meet and talk

but he was Mr. Chuwit's lawyer

I would like to tell Mr. Sitra that

The process we work with is in court, arguing in court.

not on social media

The reason for the client not to speak is not out of fear.

But according to his own style, he gave one interview and never spoke again.

Let's meet in court once.

not speaking daily

Mr. Ananchai said that the matter of the money bag or the receipt of money that Mr. Sithra specified

It must be remembered that criminal cases are based on testimony.

Not looking at circumstantial or hearsay witnesses.

What Mr. Sithra said was hearsay witnesses, saying only “he said he said” which had to be listened carefully.

In this case, Mr. Sitra has no interest.

I want you to think accordingly that if they meet in court, how will they be questioned?

Can these things be used as evidence?

I would like to tell Mr Sitra that if it is not the victim

Then it's just the following hearsay evidence if you pick up any documents to speak again.

Mr. Chuvit will sue for 100 million baht each time. He does not want to damage the lawyer profession.

because lawyers must speak in court, not social media

He learned that now there are complaints about Mr. Sitra's lawyer's conduct in many cases.

The problem is the former deputy prime minister's case.

which in this case he was very sad because it was a personal matter, not a public matter

not in public interest

Mr. Sitra said a sentence at that time that

Mr. Chuwit called Mr. Sitra and begged.

He asked Mr. Chuwit and knew that it was a call, but told Mr. Sitra to look carefully.

Because the facts about the women involved are not the kind that are news.

in the case of receiving money

that is identified as digital money

And then there's the interview.

which Mr. Chuwit asked him whether Mr. Sitra's action was right or not

which he stated that he could not answer

But their standards are

I will not criticize anyone's case.

not interfere with anyone's work

and not revealing personal matters to the public

And if it's not a client, they won't press a press conference because it's against lawyer's etiquette.

But today he would like to make a statement on 3 issues

1. On the offense of defamation

According to the Criminal Code, Section 326,328, which was the incident during Mr. Chuwit's expose.


Then someone came to the press conference with no interest and no testimony.

In court, if it is not an eyewitness testimony, the court will not hear it.

Except for the circumstantial evidence that is consistent

But accusing Mr. Chuwit and his son of picking up money

Which is a personal matter, the more true, the more wrong

Like a bag that shoots a bag

because it was blackmailed

which started the scene

If one day Mr. Chuwit refuses to be revealed

But receiving 6 million or 10 million, is there any evidence?

call it not

There was only a photo of the money bag before.

which if money may be stolen on the way

in taking witnesses if they come like this

He objected to the evidence to death.

The proof must be proven in court.

2. Regarding lawyer etiquette, Mr. Sitra is a person with a lawyer profession.

The facts are misrepresented.

Articles of the Lawyers Council stating that

Actions that promote prosecution, which do not find the basis for the maximum penalty, must delete the name from the attorney's register.

And next, Mr. Chuwit will have to go to the Lawyers Council.

We all lawyers feel that

This kind of action is wrong.

Doing so would be unethical.

3. The last story, I want to tell the spokesman of the National Police Agency and the AMLO that came out stating that it is randomly risking money laundering.

Mr. Chuvit is not like a blue dragon.

that at that time he was a lawyer

And gave an interview that he would sue back from the police until the Minister of DE, a total of 14 people, but the client did not sue him, so he lost his dog.

But for Mr. Chuwit, it's not.

If he tells Mr. Chuvit to sue beyond Section 157 and 200, he should say that he must collect evidence first, not taking risks.

You're a cop, don't play with them.

Mr. Chuvit is serious.

and you will be in trouble

on the Anti-Money Laundering Act

A criminal offense must be committed with the intention of knowing that the money or property was obtained as a result of the predicate offence.

and have to accept the transfer, hide and conceal the source

Or knew that it was the property related to the offense under Section 5, but the facts in this case Mr. Chuwit did not know.

And there is no reason to know because the property is the money obtained from gambling

and violated the law or not

But Mr. Chuwit did not know and took it to make merit.

The part stating why he didn't tell the hospital that it was Inspector Sua's money.

How can I tell you here because it's an internal matter that I won't sue you?

do not sell business friends

But what I said was that Mr. Chuwit lacked intentions.

But on the contrary, Mr. Sitra accepted that he was going to report the prosecution, including to the AMLO, indicating that Mr. Sitra admitted that

The money is the property that came from the commission of the offense.

and the person who sends the money is the person who completes the offence.

Mr. Chuvit revealed that the use of media as a tool

When having a career as a lawyer, you have to use the law.

When someone is in trouble for his money, if he charges him at the press conference 300,000 baht, there is no plaintiff, no defendant.

himself, there is no evidence that means

Are you one-sided?

He did not think the lawyer would charge for the press conference.

Therefore, the Lawyers Council or the media should consider

In addition, being a lawyer requires skill.

Evidence required

Use witnesses, but it turns out that the other party uses press conferences.

That's not the lawyer's way.

In particular, he said that he was a public attorney.

Mr. Chuvit said that the donation of 6 million baht returned to the hospital.

I want you to follow up on who will bring it to tomorrow.

Now there is a process of trying to silence oneself.

Whoever sues me, I will sue back.

will fight legally

I'm ready to fight in every way. When fighting, it's not the same.

Tell the dog to stealthily bite

Ready to bite back, declare "I'm not afraid of you".