New, tougher penalties for traffic violators come into force from tomorrow - March 28.

However, experts argue whether this will have the desired effect or become an occasion for more serious corruption.

 For Nova TV, road expert Yonko Ivanov gave an example of a section of the ring road in Sofia.

According to him, the traffic is not properly organized at the place in question.

The speed of the 4-lane road drops sharply from 90 to 40 km/h.

“There's a pub, then there's a petrol station where you have to slow down, then a 40km/h limit.

If a camera is put there - from here through the whole arc to Vladaya, all the points can be taken from us", Ivanov thinks.

According to him, the analysis of the point system has not been done.

"Here, if you get caught under the new system with 50 km, you get 18 points, if you get caught a second time, you get 21 points, and it became 39. From here to Vladaya, you get those 39 points.

If after 5 km you get caught, you get another 26 points.

The advisors of the minister should give an explanation from where," said Ivanov. 

According to him, if one driver follows the rules and 100 do not, then the organization is incorrect.

There cannot be a footpath on a main road with lanes and heavy traffic.

The Ministry of the Interior will now deduct more points for traffic violations

However, the former head of Sofia Traffic Police Tencho Tenev said that the new sanctions will lead to more disciplined drivers.

Traffic police will explain the new restrictions that will be introduced to achieve greater discipline on the road.

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