Another signal about unregulated burning of waste in the metropolitan area "Krasna Polyana".

Tires, cables and furniture - this, according to the people of the Krasna Polyana region, is burning in the "Faculty" district.

According to people in the neighborhood, the suffocating smell is a daily occurrence.

And dozens of signals, an observation tower built and meetings with the regional administration have so far yielded no results. 

From the "Krasna Polyana" area, they make promises.

Why is garbage burying "Stolipinovo" in Plovdiv?

"We will install cameras, we will install them even by the middle of April, we have marked four points here," said Nikolay Vushovski - deputy mayor of Krasan Polyana region.

"Since the beginning of the year, for the first three months, we already have 23 waste burning acts for the Givgiliyski, Krasna Polyana, Ilinden and Ovcha Kupel regions," BTV reported.

The request of the district administration is that the dump will be cleaned this week and that more garbage containers will be provided, and the citizens are ready to protest.