The price of cabbage is low, and the Yunlin County Government and the Xiluo Town Farmers' Association have vigorously promoted it, calling on the whole people to eat more cabbage.

(Photo by reporter Huang Shuli)

[Reporters Huang Shuli, Zhan Shihong/Yunlin Report] The price of cabbage is falling, and the vegetable farmers are not able to meet the cost. The Xiluo Township Farmers’ Association partnered with various farmers’ associations to purchase. Yesterday, it also demonstrated multiple cabbage dishes, calling on the whole people to eat more cabbage to help the vegetable farmers. ; In addition, the Yunlin County Party Branch of the Democratic Progressive Party donated 220 fresh eggs to the Changqing Canteen in Dongshi to provide food for the elderly and teach everyone how to eat less eggs and be healthy.

Low vegetable prices appeal to all people to eat more cabbage

According to statistics from the Agriculture Department of Yunlin County Government, about 1,100 hectares of cabbage have been planted in Yunlin this season, and there are still 100 hectares unharvested in the field; the production and sales are unbalanced, and the price has been low recently, and the vegetable growers are not able to cover the cost. For ten yuan a cabbage, some people are reluctant to plow and hoe. Dounan Chongguang Elementary School received a truckload of big and beautiful cabbage from the vegetable farmer last week.

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Director of Agriculture Wei Shengde pointed out that in order to stabilize the balance of production and sales in the market, the Yunlin County Government and the Xiluo Farmers Association have coordinated promotional activities such as group buying, distribution channels, and processing. As of yesterday afternoon, 4,500 boxes of 20 kilograms per box have been sold.

The Xiluo Farmers Association also displayed a variety of cabbage dishes yesterday, including kimchi, cabbage wraps, cabbage pancakes, cabbage rice, cabbage rolls, and cabbage wraps.

Liao Jinfu, the general secretary of the Farmers Association, said that cabbage has high nutritional value and is suitable as a main dish or side dish. It is in season, and the quality and taste are great. Please eat more cabbage.

The Democratic Progressive Party sent eggs to help Changqing Canteen refill

Lin Jinzhong, chairman of the Yunlin County Party Committee of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that in response to Lai Qingde, the chairman of the party, who said that the DPP should contribute to the poor people and should be a public welfare organization, yesterday brought 220 fresh eggs to Dongshi Township Changqing canteen, add dishes for the elders.

Dongshi Changqing Canteen serves more than 80 meals a day, and the elderly like to add more dishes.

Lin Jinzhong said that if there is an opportunity in the future, he will continue to provide eggs or supplies to Changqing Canteen in need. In addition, on April 18, he will also hold a blood donation and egg delivery event in Beigang.