On Monday, March 27, residents of Moscow heard an explosion, after which they saw a black smoke ring in the sky that was moving.

It scared them quite a bit.

Fearless residents of Moscow began to publish relevant videos and photos on social networks.

According to them, after lunch on March 27, an explosion rang out in one of the districts of Moscow.

In one of the videos, a woman can be heard not understanding what is happening in the capital of Russia.

She says

: "What is happening here? What a horror!".

However, later the Russians were calmed down.

Like this, most likely, it is just smoke that suddenly burst out of the pipe without dissipating in the atmosphere, drifts across the sky and resembles a window or a portal.

Moscow is restless

Propaganda channels began to notify citizens of Russia to pack an alarming suitcase, and told what should be included in it.

One of the journalists of the Russian Federation commented on the situation.

According to him, "very troubled times" have indeed come in the Russian Federation at the moment, so he urged to heed their advice.

In addition, on Saturday, March 25, in the Russian city of Voskresensk, near Moscow, a fire broke out at Russia's largest metallurgical plant "Fregate".

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