Russian dictator Vladimir Putin planned a "total cleansing" of Ukraine with the help of "household terror" to tame the country's population.

Emails from the Russian FSB intelligence service tell about orders "from above" to take civilians to concentration camps in order to conquer Ukraine, writes



The emails were given by an FSB source to Russian human rights activist Volodymyr Osechkin, who founded the platform, which highlights prison conditions in the country.

The leak comes a week after the International Criminal Court indicted Putin for war crimes on charges related to an alleged scheme to deport Ukrainian children to Russia.

Every time Putin's forces retreat, more and more evidence emerges of the horror they have inflicted on the Ukrainian population.

The mass graves of civilians killed by Russian troops, torture chambers and the continuous suffering of Ukrainian parents whose children were abducted are all evidence of Putin's plans.

When Putin ordered the invasion on February 24 last year, he fully expected the victory over Ukraine to be completed in three days with the "beheading" of the government in Kyiv.

The source claims that the FSB, with the help of a part of Russian military intelligence, was supposed to carry out a "total purge" of society and politicians in Ukraine.

"And after all this, we could install any government in Kyiv," says the source.

The FSB anticipated resistance among the Ukrainian population, but was ordered to deal with it mercilessly by instructions from "above".

The e-mails describe in detail what measures were to be taken against ordinary Ukrainians who dared to resist the Russian occupiers.

Including in Kherson, a "great terror that will take place in several stages" was planned.

The first is to reduce "mass protests to local skirmishes and cause serious injuries to individual protesters."

As soon as the mass of protests decreases, the second stage of "domestic terror" will begin.

Here the FSB played the first violin, and people were detained at night at home during the curfew and sent to concentration camps on Russian territory.

It was assumed that after such a purge, the protests would stop completely.

Keir Giles, an expert at foreign policy think tank Chatham House, told Sun Online that the documents echo what we know about Putin's plans for Ukraine.

He explained that this fits into the scheme of Russian actions when they occupied the Baltic states - Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Poland at the beginning of the Second World War.

"It's well known that they planned to destroy the Ukrainian leadership, which they did when they occupied countries like Poland and the Baltic states," Giles said.

"There was supposed to be a campaign of murder and oppression. From what we saw in the occupied territories, we know what awaited the rest of Ukraine. It's very simple," the expert said.

Giles points to the preparation of mobile crematoria that were supposed to follow Russian forces into Ukraine, which once again indicates Russia's intentions.

"They did not expect to wage war, but hoped to enter and take power quickly," he said.

And the crematoria were intended for the enemies, so they planned to execute, kill and destroy a very large number of peaceful Ukrainian citizens.

That's what crematoria were for, that's what body bags were for," Giles is sure.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in

the Kherson region the occupiers are torturing those who do not want to receive a Russian passport


In addition, we previously reported that Ukrainian intelligence predicted

what would happen to the Russian Federation after the death of dictator Vladimir Putin


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