TV presenter

Volodymyr Ostapchuk

shared his reaction to the scandal surrounding producer

Ruslan Hanumak

and his song "Dyka Dychka".

 The presenter initially ignored the fuss surrounding the colleague's track, but still expressed his opinion on Instagram. 

"Damn, I missed everything with these departures," wrote Ostapchuk and reposted Hanumak's video with his statement about the end of his career in music.

After that, Ostapchuk decided to troll Hanumak's words and also announced that he was "ending his musical career."

"Congratulations, you know me Ostapchuk! Some people know me as a TV host, and some... as a TV host. I don't want to go against the will of the people, because whoever opposes the Ukrainian people always has a program. That's why I decided to make this statement. Did I think yesterday evening, when I wanted to start, I will have to finish today, but I am finishing my musical career," Ostapchuk repeated Hanumak's words in his own manner.

We will remind that the scandal surrounding the producer broke out after he

released the track "Dyka Dychka"


The author decided to dedicate the track to all military women.

In the Hanumak Network, he was criticized for his disrespectful attitude towards women and wearing a hat.

In the end, he apologized to the Ukrainians and announced that 

he was ending his musical career


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