CM Yogi took a dig at the Congress leaders for their conduct and behaviour.

Lucknow :

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath lashed out at the Congress party and Rahul Gandhi.

Taking a jibe at the Satyagraha program of the Congress, he said that those who weaken democracy cannot do Satyagraha.

Even those who divide the country on the lines of linguisticism and regionalism cannot do Satyagraha.

Those who do not have any sympathy for humans, let alone silent creatures, they do not have the right to Satyagraha.

While addressing a program on Sunday, CM Yogi lashed out at the Congress party.

CM Yogi said that Gandhiji had always given place to truth, non-violence and non-violence in his life.

He had a request for this.

His request was called Satyagraha.

He said that many people had got the opportunity to rule the country, but those who don't have feelings for humans, let alone silent creatures, how will they do Satyagraha.

One who follows the path of untruth cannot talk about Satyagraha.

People immersed in extreme corruption cannot do Satyagraha.

While explaining the Satyagraha of the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi, CM Yogi said that Satyagraha is to follow mind, words and deeds.

Taking a dig at the Congress leaders for their conduct and behaviour, he said that the one whose conduct and behaviour, conduct and thoughts, words and deeds are different, he cannot do Satyagraha.

It is a big irony if the person who condemns his country, who puts India in the dock and who does not have respect and reverence for the brave soldiers of the country, talks about Satyagraha.

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