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You have a health problem.

You call your GP and go for an examination.

He appoints you tests, you do them in a well-equipped laboratory, after which the doctor prescribes treatment and, if necessary, sends you to a hospital.

There you are treated by a sufficient number of qualified doctors and experienced nurses with modern equipment and in normal living conditions.

You get all of this for your health insurance with a minimal co-pay.

It is quite possible that this will happen in Bulgaria, and not only in the big cities, but in the entire country in just a few years, as long as there is political will for health care reforms.

The experts of the coalition "We continue the change

Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev presented their political project "We continue the change" - Democratic Bulgaria

"Democratic Bulgaria" is a center-right political association, composed of "they know how and can realize them."

They are firmly convinced that there is a way for the state to ensure a safe and healthy environment, support a healthy lifestyle and ensure a life of good physical and mental health for all its citizens through fair, affordable and quality care, the coalition's press office said .

Dozens of civil movements continue to sign the Book of causes of unification PP - DB

PP-DB directs its efforts to health protection.

In its pre-election program, the association emphasizes prevention with the aim of early diagnosis of problems and effective prevention.

It will provide them through the "Public Health" fund, transparently financed by excise taxes, as laid down in the existing regulations.

More free preventive examinations and tests for children and adults, financed by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), will be planned.

A Preventive Calendar will be created for all risk groups for diagnosis and early treatment of socially significant and oncological diseases.

The calendar will contain regular examinations according to the health profile of the people and examinations and consultations with specialists paid for by the NHIF or the state.

Together with the education system, a healthy lifestyle (diet, physical activity) will be promoted and the fight against the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco products among young people will be waged.

These measures will reduce cases requiring hospital treatment.

This will save funds that can be invested in better healthcare.

Care for the sick will also improve

PP-DB will work to ensure access to quality medical care, medicines and medical devices in every part of the country.

Hospitals will be restructured and modernized to meet the specific needs of individual regions.

The goal is to have enough hospital beds and medical specialists according to needs and European standards.

Reforms are foreseen in the financing model of health facilities, as the main criterion will be the result of the treatment for each patient.

It will be assessed through clear objective quality parameters with relevant indicators.

Direct patient co-payments for hospital treatment, drugs and medical devices will be reduced.

Standards will be put in place for response times, patient access and transport to an emergency medical facility across the country.

When it forms a government, the PP-DB will provide emergency medical assistance by air by the end of this year and put into operation a comprehensive system for such assistance with six medical helicopters by the end of 2026.

The coalition is committed to building a modern National Children's Hospital under transparent procedures and in accordance with international standards.

Additional state funding is provided for the treatment of seriously ill children and children with rare diseases according to the best possible care, including abroad.

Treatment procedures abroad will be facilitated and accelerated.

The great pain of the Bulgarian health care remains the shortage of medical specialists.

It can be overcome through fair remuneration for their work, better working conditions, opportunities for postgraduate study and career development.

PP-DB will continue to increase remuneration.

At the same time, the merger will eliminate the current drastic disparities in the income of doctors, introducing a maximum difference between the lowest and highest salaries in hospitals of 1:20.

Funding will be provided to open sufficient specialist places in hospitals.

The postgraduate training system will be improved and the capacity for scientific activity in the clinics will be increased.

The number of paramedics and medical assistants will increase.

Digitalization in healthcare will continue


Kiril Petkov's government began active work on it in 2022. In just six months, all examinations of personal doctors and specialists, examinations and hospital admissions under the health insurance fund entered an electronic system.

For the first time since June 2022, we can talk about a real electronic health record of insured Bulgarians.

This year it is planned to introduce easy and secure access for every person to their electronic health record, to gradually digitize all paper medical documents and add them to the electronic record.

Gradually, other services in healthcare will be digitized.

The application of digital technologies not only facilitates the work of doctors and other medical professionals, but also helps to track the risk of socially significant diseases and to develop policies to reduce it.

PP-DB are also ready with the reform of the NHIF.

According to the experts of the coalition, it is necessary to review the structure, processes and control mechanisms in the treasury, as well as to guarantee more transparency and public control.

PP - DB: Bulgaria can and should have independent and cheap energy

During the short term of Kiril Petkov's government, the money for private doctors and NHS specialists increased by more than 30%.

Legislation overhauled pay rules in the health care system to significantly increase pay for doctors, nurses and other professionals.

Free examinations for insured Bulgarians have increased.

The state began to pay more health services for child and maternal health care.

Ensured better access to medical devices, without needling, for children with diabetes.

This is a very small part of everything that needs to be done in Bulgarian healthcare.

PP-DB have a plan for how to proceed and know that there is a way to make it a reality.

The choice is clear.

Stable poverty again or normal European life.

There is no savior, it's up to you.

Vote on April 2 with number 12. There's a way!

Democratic Bulgaria

We continue the change